Maybe you don’t know what an elevator speech is. You should be your business's biggest fan and booster. Your best tool is a 30-second pitch that you can deliver anywhere, anytime you meet someone who might be a prospective client or customer. Many small business people fail to have one simply because they’re not sure how to compose it.

Let’s make it easy: think back to the day your high school English teacher told you that “who, where, what, when, why” was the key to every story. That works for your elevator speech. Consider how each is quickly and clearly stated:

Who: “Hi, I’m Jane Jones. I own Beyond Brick Florist.”

Where: “We’re right over at 5656 Beatific Quadrant.”

What: “We have a wide variety of cut and potted flowers, herbs, and trees that can probably meet all of your indoor and outdoor floral needs.”

When: “We’re open from 8 to 6 every day but Sunday.”

Why: “If you drop by and check us out, I think you’ll agree we have the best local selection at really attractive prices. And I’m always willing to special order for special occasions. My whole staff is committed to service.”

Hand the person you just met a card and be on your way. You haven’t delayed them from whatever they were doing, and you have given them a vibrant 30-second snapshot of your business that should convince them to check the card and give you a shot.

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