A SCORE Client, Leslie Calderoni, recently published her first book, the novel Charms, which is part one of her Young Adult fiction trilogy, the Tempest Trinity.

After years of working for companies such as Electronic Arts and Google, she combined her love of science and storytelling and her passion for girl power to write the Tempest Trinity trilogy. She believes that learning about science, particularly physics, is for everyone—especially girls. In the novels, three gifted teenage sisters must use their powers over the laws of physics to solve a web of mysteries and uncover family secrets.

More information is available on Leslie’s website at: Leslie is mentored byMartin Saso of SCORE who is helping her with future marketing and time management efforts.

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 Patrick  Webb

Pat Webb is a sales and marketing executive with expertise in building global teams. During his career in technology he has managed marketing and sales/support organizations responsible for sales/business development to customers in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. He enjoys working with new ventures and unproven ideas. Throughout his career he has been involved in helping to launch new products...

Sales and Marketing Executive
SCORE Client has just published her first book