You need social media engagement, but you don’t want your social media to become such a massive time consumer that you don’t feel able to handle the rest of your business. A few simple tools will keep you from feeling you’ve acquired the Ancient Mariner’s albatross.

  1. Plan. Taking a little time to plan now will save dozens hours of work in the future. Even more important, making a few upfront decisions (such as your target audience and your objectives) ensures that your Facebook presence is an active and effective part of your marketing strategy—rather than a willy-nilly, check-the-box, sporadic time-waster.

  2. Schedule. To ensure a regular stream of fresh content on your Facebook page, use a scheduling tool for setting up posts several weeks out. Two easy to use and free tools areHootSuite and PostPlanner.

  3. Brand. Studies show that great images have the greatest impact in terms of grabbing attention and encouraging sharing. One of the coolest tools I have recently used is PostCreator. You can easily upload images and then insert messages and add your company logo to make your posts more engaging and true to your brand. And the best part is you can do it all yourself, without needing to enlist a design pro or complicated graphics software. You can try it for free.

  4. Test. Regularly look at the performance of your posts to see what worked well and what fell flat.Facebook’s Page Insights has a wealth of analytics on reach and engagement, but you can dig even deeper with other free Facebook analytics tools.

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