Andy Nguyen, the founder of Honor Courage Commitment, offered three ways a business owner could hone his entrepreneur skills and elevate his competitive advantages, whether one was a “natural-born” entrepreneur or not.

Join the Marines. Yes, he’s serious. The Marine Corps instilled core values of honor, courage, and commitment into him. Combined with the leadership and discipline the Marines taught him, he believes this is the ultimate X factor in his success as an entrepreneur. The downside is that you will have to do things that you don’t want to do and stick with them. (Sounds like entrepreneurship, only as an entrepreneur, fewer people yell at you.) The thought should make the other two more attractive.

Go to school. Whether an online course, community college, university, or MBA program, education will make you smarter and help you make more strategic decisions in your business. College dropouts like Mark ZuckerbergSteve Jobs, and Richard Branson may all argue that going to school delays your time to market, and I don’t want to argue with their success. But consider Mark Cuban. He exceled in entrepreneurship and education simultaneously. And no one was worsened by education.

Reach out to your local Small Business Administration (SBA) or SCORE office. Their websites alone contain a wealth of information, templates for business plans, and resource link. Both also offer support in person. Both also have local staffs that are high on experience, knowledge and commitment.

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