All SCORE volunteers are dedicated to growing thriving small business communities and helping entreprenuers from all background to achieve their dreams. These volunteers have gone above and beyond in service and leadership for our chapter. Thank you!

Sam Badawi Volunteer of the Year Award

In recognition of the SCORE value that Members Matter, this program is intended to encourage and celebrate the finest efforts and leadership qualities of Chapter volunteers in execution of SCORE’s mission; and, to recognize in memoriam the proud and richly productive tenure of Chapter Member, Sam Badawi.

  • 2017 Allen Carman
  • 2018 Dick Clark
  • 2019 Karen Calcagno
  • 2020 Joey Tuttle


SCORE National Platinum Award - Service with Distinction 

This national level award recognized the dedication, mentoring hours, and quality service of our chapter's volunteers.

  • Karen Calcagno
  • Dick Clark
  • Allen Carman
  • David Harken


Chapter Chairs

  • May 2005-September 2006 Karen Calcagno
  • October 2006-February 2008 David Britton
  • February 2008-September 2008 Dick Clark and Sam Badawi Co-Chairs
  • October 2008-September 2010 Dick Clark
  • October 2010-September 2014 Allen Carman
  • October 2014-September 2016 David Harken
  • October 2016-Septembrer 2018 Rich Hill
  • October 2018-Present Pat Webb