NON PROFITS - FREE Confidential Counseling & Consulting

Tap into years of non-profit experience with your own SCORE mentoring team. Our counselors work with your organization to understand the core issues and develop a collaborative, customized approach.

We assist you with:
• Executive Effectiveness Through Mentoring • Organizational Assessment & Diagnosis
• Strategic & Business Planning
• Transition Planning
• Public Relations/Marketing
• Fundraising/Grant Procurement
• Board Recruiting, Selection & Development • Budgeting & Financial Planning 


What Clients say about SCORE’s Non-Profit Services 

Rising International“SCORE helped us build an idea into a successful international, non-profit business. Their mentoring helped us tap into our strengths and strategize our growth path. We highly recommend SCORE counseling to both start up and seasoned non-profits. The counseling is free. The advice is priceless.”
~Carmel Jud, Founder & Executive Director 

Save Our Shores“As a new Executive Director, SCORE helped me in a variety of areas that ultimately strengthened and revitalized our organization.”
~Lara Kasa, Former Executive Director 



Easter Seals of Northern California“With SCORE’s experienced help, we refocused our resources and designed a new approach that successfully met a burgeoning need of our clients. We were very pleased with how SCORE helped shape and direct the project, as well as worked with our people.”
~Bruce Hinman, Former Executive Director 


Girls Moving Forward“We have worked with a SCORE counselor for over two years. She has mentored us through growing pains to amazing success. She provides an experienced, confidential ear that helps us stay on track.” 
~Lacy Asbil & Elana Metz, Co-Founders

Dance of the DeerSays Brant, “They are authentic, intelligent and give you great advice. They really care about you.” ”Some people do it out of ego or from a place of wanting to save the world, says Nico, but the SCORE counselors do it because they care. They constantly draw from their framework of experience to give you huge amounts of valuable information. They help you identify the issues and plan more accurately. They know what it takes and can fill in the unknowns. And if they don’t know, they know someone who does.”
~Brant Secunda, Co-Founder/Shaman
~Nico Secunda, Managing Director