How to Interview your Ideal Customers to Launch a Product they Want to Buy December 3, 2020, 1:00pm PST December 3, 2020, 2:30pm PST
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Zoom Webinar
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Believing that we know what our customers will buy is the fastest way to fail in business. Yet, when launching a new product, most entrepreneurs make unverified assumptions about who their customers are and what they want. As a result, these business creators end up wasting their money and time because of a misaligned product/market fit. The majority of startups fail not because they failed to create the product they intended to build, but because they failed to create the product their customers need and are willing to buy.

So, how can you be sure your customers will want to buy your product? In this event, we discuss strategies and tactics to get your customers' input so that you can verify your assumptions and even get their "buy-in" before the launch of your product or business. During this class we discuss how to first test, refine and even pivot your product entirely based on the feedback you'll get from your market segments. You'll discover:

- Who to interview when collecting intelligence about the product you are building.
- How to find interviewees and set-up the interviews.
- How to document the interviews.
- Why surveys don't always help and when are they useful.
- How the interviews can warm your audience and build future channels to reach your ideal customers.

This is for you if:
- You have an idea for a business and you are willing to first do the research to make it work.
- You have a business already and are considering launching a new product or service.
- Your business is struggling through the pandemic and you wonder if you should pivot.
- You are considering buying an existing business or a franchise and wonder if the model is sound.

This is not for you if:
- You believe your intuition alone, even with friends and family approval of your idea, guarantees your success with a new business, or a new product.
- You are convinced that you already know who your customers are and what they want.
- You are not willing to do the crucial but often tedious work to build your business with a solid base.

This presentation followed by Q & A provides foundational knowledge to help you launch products that your customers will buy because their input helped you create what they want and need.

Meet Your Presenter: Patricia Bottero St-Jean
Patricia Bottero St-Jean is an internationally recognized start-a-business coach, a small business enthusiast, a freedom seeker, a pragmatic optimist, and an avid hiker who secretly talks to trees. She believes entrepreneurship is the best path to the freedom of building a life of one's own design and that truly successful small businesses afford their owners the ability to prioritize who is most important and what matters the most to them.

She began her entrepreneurial career at age 25 and has since spent over 30 years in the trenches of America's Main Street Business: bootstrapping her independent startup, franchising, small business acquisitions while coaching and mentoring owners of all types of businesses.

She founded OPEN FOR BUSINESS, a start-a-business lab and coaching agency that specializes in guiding entrepreneurs from early-stage research, vetting, planning, and up to the launch of their ideal business so that they can start their venture on a solid foundation that minimizes risks and maximizes success.