How to Vet ANY Business Idea Before You Spend Lots of $$$$ October 7, 2020, 1:00pm PDT October 7, 2020, 2:30pm PDT
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The SBA reports that 42% of new startups fail because they offer a product that the market doesn't need.

In this low-cost webinar, you will learn how a few hours of brainstorming and due diligence can bring clarity, context, and confidence in your new venture and help you build the foundation for your business success.

We'll discuss the steps and right sequence in vetting your idea for a new business, (or a new product in your existing business.)

Topics include:

How make sure your new venture flies and doesn't flop.
How to differentiate your business in the market.
How to identify your ideal customers.
Ways to validate your idea with your ideal customers.

Vetting any business idea, or any idea for a new product, and on paper well before spending significant money, time, and energy is an essential exercise that provides the framework to eliminate the costly mistakes many business creators and founders make.