How SCORE helped. 

Even a mystical healer can use a little sage advice and guidance from time to time. The Father and son team, Brant and Nico Secunda of Dance of the Deer Foundation are extremely grateful to their SCORE mentors, Al Carman and Karen Calcagno, for all they have done to assist the growth of their rapidly expanding business

What's great about my mentor? 

Karen is an expert on business issues, with special interests in realistic planning, developing successful teams, and providing outstanding customer service. Nico met Al during high school when he specialized in tutoring economics. Brant has a special affinity for Al because they both grew up in Brooklyn.

The respect and admiration for what SCORE has brought to them run deep. “I respect them the most in the world,” says Brant. “They are authentic and intelligent and they give you great advice. They really care about you.”

Says Nico, “Some people do it out of ego or from a place of wanting to save the world, but the SCORE counselors do it because they care. They constantly draw from their framework of experience to give you huge amounts of valuable information. They help you identify the issues and plan more accurately. They know what it takes and can fill in the unknowns. And if they don’t know, they know someone who does.”

Dance Of The Deer Foundation