My Studio


How SCORE helped. 

Andrea was inspired to create her line of fanciful art by her recently departed mother-in-law. Her SCORE counselor, Kathie Sinor, has been there for her every step of the way, advising her on what to do and most importantly, what not to do. Getting a handle on priorities is critical when you’re in the early stages of a business, when everything needs to be done at once and the demands on your time and energy are all-consuming. Says Garvey, “Kathie keeps me from going down rat holes. I always come to each meeting with a list and we constantly exchange emails. There is a constant connection that I really count on.” SCORE has shown Andrea the value of discipline: making and sticking to task lists has been a godsend. They’ve learned so much from each other, it’s a valuable partnership that has grown into a friendship as well.