My successes. 

Franco and Fatima Vaca are a stunningly handsome, superstar power couple, operating several businesses in their community, including Fatima Fine Jewelry and El Pollero. They recently relocated their 450 sf jewelry shop to a much larger, 3K sf space in downtown Watsonville, at the corner of 2nd and Main. They are shifting their focus from pure sales to custom design, repair, and reimagining of luxury jewelry.

In their new location, they will have expanded hours, a proper reception area as well as a spacious, private consultation suite where clients can bring pieces they want to be appraised, reset, or repaired. They will also offer credit services. In short, they will be in charge of their own destiny. Says Franco, “We want to provide a safe and attractive place for people to come and have their jewelry repaired, cleaned, updated or appraised, in confidence and privacy. We will also provide custom, personalized design services, and will specialize in updating older pieces to more contemporary settings.” Fatima adds that they plan to add art pieces, much like the galleries they admire in Carmel. It’s all part of the scene-setting that creates the illusion of beauty. “We want to help people create their own stories,” she says.

How SCORE helped. 

Considering their goal of expanding their audience reach, both within and outside of their community, SCORE counselor, Karen Grellas, has provided guidance with their business plan and has introduced them to valuable connections in the financial realm.

Fatima's Fine Jewelry