What do you do? 

I work with tax clients on a personal level to determine the best solutions for their unique needs, then leverage my seasoned expertise to achieve the best possible results. 

What is your relationship with SCORE? 
SCORE client
How SCORE helped. 

SCORE has been instrumental from the start of my business. Having a mentor who is knowledgeable in the business has been key. My mentor has guided me thrClient Photo: Sharyough every process, from licensing, marketing ideas and business requirements needed. He provided information on grants that were available to help me develop my business. SCORE continues to provide me with constant information that can help me succeed from seminars on different subjects such as payroll, online marketing, bookkeeping and qualifying for business loans. I recommend all my clients who are starting businesses to contact SCORE.  It is definitely a great free resource that assists and guides you through pivotal times in your business journey . 



My Mentors