Jenny Wood started writing grants as a volunteer for a local animal rescue in 2011. She honed her skills with various nonprofits before launching TreasureHunt Grants in early 2015. “I went full time in May of that year and continue to expand to new clients and increase my skills in various areas of writing and fundraising,” she says. “The best part of working in this field is meeting and collaborating with inspiring leaders in the nonprofit industry.”

Although she is the sole consultant researching, writing and submitting grants to assist local nonprofits in raising funds, Wood has begun expanding her company’s focus to other fundraising activities, including online campaigns.

My successes. 

Wood reports she has had more grants funded since she started working with Hill and initiated his suggestions into her process. “I believe that my process is much more successful now than it was,” she says. 

How SCORE helped. 

As Wood set up her business, she wanted feedback on her writing and marketing tips, along with the reassurance that she was running her business properly. She attended the Simple Steps for Starting Your Business workshop series, which “helped me make sure I was doing everything right from the beginning,” she recalls. 

Wood teamed up with Richard Hill, a volunteer mentor who helped her develop a business plan, set goals, and compile a list of her accomplishments. She had wanted a mentor for years before hearing about SCORE and was surprised and pleased to learn there was a mentor available who had grant-writing experience. “He especially encouraged me to take up some practices in my grant writing that have really helped, like contacting grant funders before submitting a grant, and creating a checklist for my grants,” she says. “I have begun to see greater success because of his help.” 

Wood and Hill work together by email, which Wood comments has been convenient. “It actually meets my needs better than in-person meetings,” she notes. 

TreasureHunt Grants

My Mentors